Cycling holiday

If you are planning a cycling holiday and need a pit stop in beautiful, quiet surroundings, Hundige Strand Camping offers the perfect setting.

Being a cycling tourist in Denmark is a unique experience for the whole family, as there are more than 11,000 km of signposted cycling routes through beautiful landscapes and pleasant cities. This makes Denmark a popular, family-friendly and safe place for your next holiday, where cycling is on the programme.

When you arrive at Hundige Strand Camping, you can find more information at the reception, which is located on the landward side.

Cycling tourists on Hundige Strand Familiecamping

For an eventful cycling holiday, it is important that the family gets a good night's sleep and the opportunity to recharge on the route. The campsite is located by the beautiful, child-friendly beach in Køge Bay and it is surrounded by peaceful green areas.

At Hundige Strand Camping, you are surrounded by scenic cycling routes along the coast. The campsite is also within cycling distance to major cities such as Copenhagen, Roskilde and Køge, where cultural experiences are plenty.

Special facilities for cycling tourists

Hundige Strand Camping has a dedicated area for bike camping with many facilities, including:

  • Shared barbecue with tables and chairs
  • Restaurants within walking distance
  • Groceries and shopping opportunities right next door
  • Living room/TV room
  • Kitchen with gas hobs and washing-up area
  • Laundry and drying facilities
  • Bikes can be locked up on request
  • Rent cosy cabins or tent pitches

This gives the best conditions for your overnight stay on the cycling holiday, so that you wake up fresh and rested. Whether you choose Hundige Strand Camping as your permanent base on your cycling holiday or just as a one night stop.

We have room for everyone – whether you want to rent a tent pitch or a cabin with us

After a long day with many kilometres in the legs, many cycling tourists would appreciate a comfortable overnight stay in a good bed before going back on the road. If you want, you have the possibility to rent one of our cabins.

If you carry your own tent on your bike, we can also offer a tent pitch where you can put up your tent.